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Beware of Cats

Initially a sarcastic exploration of package design, the Cat Hater's Survival Kit grew into a full-fledged story telling opportunity. Designed by Melinda Livesy (@melindalivsey) and Anthony Banks (@argbanks) , RADCAT pounced in to add our own flavor. The box design, content graphics, and photography are all a product of their combined talents. We added our illustration and character design to the product to breathe life into this brand full-force.

The internal products and design were specifically curated/created by Melinda and Anthony
RADCAT chose to represent each item in the kit by tying them to a character and telling their individual stories.
Dimitri Kline
Burt Justice
Maddie Bishop
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Agatha Mooney
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Archie Briggs
You can't have a cat-haters kit without cats to hate.
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